Graphic design is a way of solving problems and communicating visually through the use of photography, illustration and typography.

There are several aspects of graphic designs that require certain skill sets and design techniques, the aspect of graphics design you intend using depends clearly on the type of business you want to market or the ideas you want to spread.

Our graphics designers are well-grounded in combining several aspects of graphic design to create a unique design that meets your needs all the way.

Identity Creation

Identity creation is concerned with the creation of brand images that audiences can identify and relate with.

Creating a brand for a business or an organisation involves taking into consideration the products and services to be sold or the messages to be communicated, the personality of the business or organization, tone, and achievements.

We have brand creators that are experts in creating a logo, image libraries, typography and colour palettes that give you a unique identity and personality that your audiences can identify with.

Marketing graphic design

People are more attracted to visual images and content, we help individuals, businesses and organizations create visual contents that are highly effective in promoting and communicating their presence or ideas to their target audiences.

Here are some few examples of the marketing designs we can help you to create to promote your business or ideas: magazines and newspaper ads, postcards and flyers, posters, banners and billboards, infographics, print and digital brochures, vehicle wraps, signage displays, website and blog images, social media ads, PowerPoint presentations, email marketing templates, etc.

Graphic User-Interface (GUI) design

GUI designers specialize in creating a user interface for mobile apps, desktop apps, games and web apps. We have a team of GUI designers that work closely with User experience (UX) designers to create a captivating user interface for your app. Some examples of GUI we can help you to create include web page design, theme design and game interfaces and app design.

Publications design

Publications are print media that is used to communicate with an audience through distribution. Print publications include newspapers, magazines, catalogues, books, newsletters, directories and annual reports.

Our publication designers work together with other stakeholders in the print industry to create publications that help your products and services or ideas to reach your target consumers or audiences far and wide.

Packaging design

Packaging, aside from serving the purpose of protection and storage, the packaging is a highly valuable marketing tool that can be used to communicate directly with customers if well designed. We have designed hundreds of packaging that are successful in telling the stories of their brands, we can do the same for you.

Motion and environmental graphics

Our motion graphic designers are experts in creating motion and environmental graphics that include animations, title sequences and end credits, adverts, trailers, GIFs, wall murals, office branding, signage, public venue branding, etc.