Instagram adverts are paid adverts that are run on Instagram to reach a large number of the targeted audience.

Presently, there are more than 2million businesses running ads on Instagram. The number is bound to increase in the nearest future.

Reasons why you should advertise on Instagram

  • Instagram has more than 600 million active users, the number keeps increasing.

  • The potential is recognised by advertisers as there has been a tremendous increase of advertisers on Instagram from 1 to 2 million. This number keeps increasing as more features are being added to its ad platform.

  • You can create and manage your adverts on Instagram directly from Facebook Ad Manager. This makes ad creation to be more efficient as you do not need another platform to monitor and manage your adds on Instagram.

  • Advertising on Instagram is a way of improving your brand exposure to the targeted audience, increase traffic to your website which will lead to generating new prospects, retaining loyal customers and ultimately increasing your ROI.

Canvas Ads on Instagram

Canvas ads provide you with a more engaging way to reach out to your prospective customers on Instagram. This means of advertising on Instagram is gaining wide acceptance because of its ability to dominate the screen with captivating ad display.

More than 250 million people create and watch stories on Instagram on a daily basis. With canvas ad, you can build a captivating, full-screen story about your brand to capture a large portion of the enormous audience on Instagram.

Instagram’s CTA buttons

Studies have proven that Instagram's new CTA buttons can improve sales by more than 32%. You can also add links to your Instagram stories add to boost traffic generation.

Instagram’s Video Ads

Of recent, Instagram extended its video view to 60 seconds this was a big move that has led to an increase in video adverts. Research has shown that one in every four ads on Instagram is a video ad.

For you to get a significant ROI, it is advisable that you optimize your ads to blend naturally into the user’s feed and also conform to your brand theme.

Instagram’s Stories Links

At the onset, only verified accounts can use Instagram's story link, now this feature is available to all business profiles. These links can be used to improve the traffic to a website by sharing a short video clip or a still video with a link that links viewers to an engaging full video on your website. You can also post links along with great images and inspirational quotes to direct people to your store or blog to boost your sales.

Instagram’s live Video

You can use Instagram live video to build awareness that can last up to 24hours. The implication is that users do not have to be online to view your video the moment you go live on Instagram, the video is saved and can be viewed at a later time by your audience within 24 hours.

The live video icon is positioned at the bottom of users’ profile picture to catch the attention of the users.

Usability at a glance

Instagram has updates that make engaging with your audience easier, more efficient, and more appealing. This feature simply translates to more audience for your Instagram adverts. Some of these features include threaded comments, stories for desktop, interactive polls and engagement tracking using Facebook.

Showcasing your brand

You wouldn't want your prospective customers to have a bad impression of your brand at first sight. Rather, you would want your ads to capture your audiences in a way that leaves them dazzled. Here are some few tips to do just that.

  • Your images should be captivating and of high-quality

  • You should build a theme that is consistent with your brand

  • Your adverts should not deviate from your brand identity

  • Your post-click landing page should match the imagery and message of the ad.

You can get started using Instagram and other digital marketing tools to reach your target audience. Simply contact us through our website, address or any of our social media handle.